Pyrax Polymars

Gum Paint

We offer different Gum Paint for the purpose of relieving pain caused in dental treatments. It includes Relief Oil & Pyrocresol and Pyrogum. The Gum Paint, offered by us, is made from high quality ingredients and conforms to the medical standards. Gum Paint does not effect on the tooth enamel and it also helps in stopping gum bleeding. Our variety of Gum Paint is non-toxic and appreciated for effective results owing to its accurate composition. We provide Gum Paint in quality packing and reasonable prices.

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Pyrogum is an antiseptic, astringent, analgesic, deodorant applied on teeth in cases of gingivitis, periodontitis, bleeding & spongy gums, pre-denture problems, pre & post orthodontic treatment tooth extraction, sore throat, ulcer halitosis, etc. Dental Gum Paint Pyrogum that we offer is made from high quality